• Pediatric solution from LINET

    Designed for happier stories

  • Pediatric solution from LINET

    Designed for happier stories

LINET Pediatric solution brings complete, modern and playful product portfolio for best pediatric care.

Main benefits of segment

All pediatric beds are adapted to meet special needs of small patients from newborns to teenagers. The beds are designed to make hospital enviroment pleasant both for child and nurse. Unique features provide excellent combination of funcionality, ergonomy and safety and simplifies daily work of hospital staff and increase patient outcomes.

Unique design that makes pediatric environment pleasent

Clean lines, modern materials and playful concept brings incredible impression. The colour printed motifs of the bed ends fully reflect the playful world of children.

Increase work efficiency

Many features as electrical high adjustment, safety siderails, easy transport or preprogrammed positions support nurses in their daily work.

Safety all around

Transparent and removable bed ends, safety siderails, safety button or stability column construction brings maximum safety for small patients.

Time for happier stories

LINET develops and supplies beds for pediatric clinics and departments. Our beds are adapted to the special needs of small patients, from newborns, small children to teenagers.

Flagship solutions and products

Tom 2

The Tom 2 bed has been designed for children and is a perfect combination of functionality, ergonomics and safety for little patients. The transparent ends of the bed allow the child patient permanent contact with his surroundings, parents and hospital staff. The Tom 2 healthcare bed is equipped with a wide range of sophisticated functions and thus can also be used in intensive care.

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The MiMi cot for newborns provides children with complete safety and ensures effective care. It is highly practical and makes it easier for medical staff and mothers to care for newborns.

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Eleganza Smart Junior

Eleganza Smart Junior is a fully electrically adjustable bed developed for pediatric patients aged 4-15 with minimum height of 90cm. The dimensions of Eleganza Smart Junior are adapted to the ergonomics of a child’s body.

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