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Comprehensive individualized care in respiratory failure.

NHS Hospital (UK) about the Multicare bed

The Multicare bed reduced the level of nursing staff sickness abscences due to musculoskeletal injuries. In addition, there were no Hospital Aquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPU) reported after the Multicare beds were introduced.

Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit at Southampton University Hospital, NHS

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Automatic Lateral Therapy for pulmonary complication

The effect of Automatic Lateral Therapy (ALT) on the Multicare bed is through the promotion of ventilation distribution. Safe and radiation-free “Continuous, Individualised Ventilation Care“ is based on a combination of Bed framed lateral Tilt and Electrical Impedance Tomography.

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Easy manipulation with Lateral Tilt

Bed framed lateral tilt assists nurses to turn the patient without any physical strain. The nurse can carry out routine clinical procedures (such as positioning, personal hygeine, skin inspections and changing the bed linen) ergonomically and effortlessly. Lateral tilt also plays a significant role in the prevention of immobility and secondary complications.

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Preventing Pressure Injury

A combination of the open architecture of the Multicare and the unique features including lateral tilt, Ergoframe®and a comprehensive range of active, passive and hybrid mattresses allows the overall management of pressure area care. The appropriate choice of active mattress also helps to reduce the risk of pressure and moisture associated skin damage (MASD). In addition, the Virtuoso PRO has the option of permanently deflating any individual air cell on the top deck to offload those areas at risk of developing pressure damage, this is especially significant for patients in the prone position.

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Automatic Lateral Therapy for Pulmonary complications

The Multicare bed frame provides continuous lateral rotation therapy known as Automatic Lateral Therapy (ALT). Simple programming allows patients to rotate up to 30 degrees for continuous movement. Automatic Lateral Therapy allows control of ventilation distribution and enhances lung function.

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Easy manipulation with Lateral tilt

The lateral tilt of the Eleganza 5 bed assists with turning the patient with the help of one nurse with minimal physical effort. The hands-free operation using the foot controls increases the efficiency of the traumatic patient turn method. The nurse’s hands are free to devote full attention to the patient without any effort whatsoever.

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Preventing Pressure Injuries

An open architecture of the ICU bed allows the use of active, hybrid and passive mattress. Active systems assist in the prevention and management of pressure injuries through several mechanisms, including alternating pressure therapy, constant low pressure and microclimate management. Hybrid mattresses contain elements of both a passive and an active system, thus enabling permanent use as either a passive or active system. Passive support surfaces assist the prevention of pressure injury development. The pressure is redistributed over the largest possible surface area, thus reducing damaging peak pressures.





Early Mobilization Clinical Concept

The Early Mobilization with LINET program uses the recommended procedures from the AACN and enhances them by applying the unique LINET features, including Automatic Lateral Therapy or Mobi-Lift®.

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Clinical studies


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