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  • Control Costs and Increase Safety in your Health Care Institution


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Our services

We understand that safety and reliability are a priority in medical facilities. Based on our experience and our customers' needs, we have prepared a service contract program that matches the highest standards of the industry.



Why choose LINET contract

Increase the safety of the beds

Safe and reliable authorized service

We provide authorized services for our products, helping customers to avoid potentially life-threatening issues caused by unauthorized service.

Highly professional technicians

Our After sales services are provided by experienced professionals trained for maintenance and repairs of LINET products, which ensures the highest quality of the service.

Original spare parts only

We use only original spare parts when repairing our products.

Reduce downtime of the beds

Efficiency in work

With a team of over 500 well-trained professionals, we are able to provide efficient service, reducing the time the beds are out of use to a bare minimum.

Reduction in bed´s downtime

We understand that every minute the bed is out of order means additional costs for our customers. We offer regular maintenance to all of our clients, reducing the time the beds are not operational.

Save money on repairs

Savings on unexpected repairs

Preventive maintenance is one of the keys to operational bed fleet. It not only reduces the downtime, but also drives down the overall costs of the maintenance.

Control over cash flow

Our service programs give our customers control over the cash flow and enable them to optimize and better manage spending on services.

Longer lifetime of the bed fleet

Our service contract ensures that beds are always in the best possible state, prolonging their lifetime and making them operational for longer.

Contract details

Choose the maintenance contract for your facility which suits you best. Find the best combination of Periodical Preventive Maintanance, Repairs and Spare Parts.

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LINET Service Contract in action

Learn how Service Contract program helped in daily operations in Kolín hospital, in the Czech Republic